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致海洋 To the Ocean (2019), Single-Channel Video (color, sound), 49'56"


2019年12月1日开始,程新皓从昆明出发,沿着滇越铁路向铁路尽头的海洋行走,在19 天内步行446 千米,直到中国与越南的边境。每公里捡拾一块砟石背负在身上,并拍摄一段录像,由此遭遇了与铁路相连接的时间、诸物与大地。

Starting on 1 December 2019, Cheng Xinhao set off from Kunming to walk along the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway towards the ocean at the other end of the railway, walking 446 kilometres in 19 days to the border between China and Vietnam. Every kilometre he picked up a ballast stone to carry on his back and took a video. In doing so, he encounters the time, the objects and the earth connected to the railway.

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