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蘑菇宴 Mushroom Feast, or vanitas with Mushrooms (2022)
墙面与桌面,综合材料 comprehensive material on wall and desk

这个看似当代日常的现场来自于对隐喻、象征与谱系的恋物式想象,它遥遥指向自十七世纪而降欧洲静物画中的若干母题,如与浮华虚妄有关的 vanitas 或是更早的指向此世短暂的 memento mori。在彼时,蘑菇也作为速生速朽的意向被纳入这些母题中。而在此处,来自云南的蘑菇似是而非地介入符号的游戏中,将其打断、连接、重新赋义。

Record player, books, natural locker, bouquet... arranged in disarray on the table while a feast of symbols and signifcations is laid out. Mushurooms interrupt this feast and begin to grow, like an 'artist's joke', intertwining with the names and words that cover them into new entities.
This seemingly everyday scene comes from a fetishistic imagining of metaphors, symbols and genealogies that point back to a number of motifs in European still life painting fromthe 17th century onwards, such as vanitas, which relates to famboyance and delusion, or the earlier memento mori, which points to the transience of this world, where mushrooms were also included as an intention of rapid birth and decay. Here, however, the mushrooms from Yunnan intervenes plausibly in the play of symbols, interrupting, connecting and reassigning them.

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