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Yunnan is a mountainous inland region on the southwest border of China. Its altitude is high in the north and low in the south. It borders Tibet and Sichuan in the north, Guizhou and Guangxi in the east, and three Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, in the west and south. In ancient China, Yunnan has long stood in the middle between the frontier and the foreign land of the central dynasties. It was the scene of the Jimi system from the Yuan dynasty onwards, and was eventually incorporated into the clear map of the central government through continuous migration and bureaucratization of native officers over the following centuries. Such diverse geographical and historical spaces shaped the diverse cultures and people of the area. These people generally have their own oral literary traditions. Between settlement and mobility, between certainty and ambiguity, they continue to create their own tales, and through these tales, they create new spaces of identity and practice.
In this long-term project, which begins in 2021, I try to trace Yunnan's oral literary traditions and the physical experiences that accompany them by throwing myself into specific fields and encounters, thus revealing how this region of Yunnan emerges from these different discourses and practices.

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Tales about the South of Clouds

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