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躲猫猫 Hide and Seek (2024), site-specific installation in Laoyuhe Park, Kunming

with Single-Channel Video (color, sound), 8'08"



"Stone Cats" are guardian figures found scattered throughout the villages on the eastern shore of the Dianchi Lake. They can be found at the gate of nearly every village in this area. Some of the stone cats have centuries of history, while others are newly made, or even replaced with stone lions. Some scholars believe these are remnants of historic tiger totem worship in central Yunnan. During the urbanization of the past twenty years, many villages have been wiped out, but the stone cats are often the last vestiges to remain. The various gods who have lost their homes - Buddha statues, rooftile cats - are replaced around the stone cats. They enter into the new urban fabric in this form, and are either worshipped or forgotten in these new environments.

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