Cheng Xinhao (b.1985 in Yunnan Province, China) currently lives and works in Kunming, China. He received his Ph.D in Chemistry from Peking University in 2013. Cheng’s works are usually based on long-term field studies, centering around his hometown in Yunnan Province. With videos, installations, photographs and words, he personally investigates the polyphonic relationships between logic, discussions, knowledge, and the part that nature, society, and history play within them.

程新皓,1985 年出生于云南。2013 年毕业于北京大学化学与分子工程学院,获博士学位。现作为艺术家工作生活于云南昆明。他的作品通常基于长期的田野调查,并均与故乡云南相关。通过身体在场的工作方式,程新皓使用录像、装置、摄影与文字等媒介,体察不同来源的逻辑、话语、知识与其背后自然、社会、历史,及镶嵌于其中的行动者之间的复调链接。

Selected Exhibitions 


Floating Wood and Drowning Stone, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing, 2021

The Fool's Gold, OCAT Shenzhen, 2019

Three Depictions of a River, 1903Space, Kunming, 2019


The Port and the Image 3: Echoes of the Port, China Port Museum, Ningbo, 2022

River Pulses, Border Flows, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou, 2022

I Recognized the World:Born in the 80s and 90s, MoCA Yinchuan, Yinchuan, 2021

Air Waste Health Water Energy Soil, Gleis 70, Zurich, 2021

An Archive: Seven Trails, Taikang Space, Beijing, 2020
The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2019, Pingshan Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2020
Study of Things, Times Museum, Guangzhou, 2020
Critical Zones, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2020
An Impulse to Turn, IOAM, Beijing, 2020
UN/CONVENTIONAL, OCAT Shanghai, Shanghai, 2020
Sunset on a Dead End - The Notorious and Their Inexplicable Modes of Existence, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2019
Stream Chapter 5, South Windham, Vermont, 2019
Re: Everything which exists under the sky, Gasworks, London, 2019
How Now • The Life App, How Art Museum, Shanghai, 2019
Inside the Labyrinth of Knossos, Lianzhou foto festival 2018, Lianzhou, 2018
TOUS LES CHEVAUX DU ROI, TabulaRasaGallery, Beijing, 2018
Documenting China, Story of Change, Photoville 2018, New York, 2018
40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 2018
The Folded Mountain 2: Scanning Shanshui, Han Shan Art Museum, Suzhou, 2018
Ten Directions: the 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Three Shadows Photography Award, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, 2018
Frontier:Re-Assessment of Post-Globalisitional Politics, OCAT Institute, Beijing, 2018
Notes on Region, Contemporary Gallery Kunming, Kunming, 2018
The Imaginations of a Museum, J-Gallery, Shanghai, 2018
Frontier:Re-Assessment of Post-Globalisitional Politics, OCAT Shanghai, 2017
Polyphony: Ecological Servey of Chinese Art • Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, AMNUA, Nanjing, 2017
Stream Chapter 4, South Windham, Vermont, 2017
Author Book Award Arles, Arles, 2017
Finalist Exhibition of 2016 New Talent Award, Shanghai, 2017
Aperture First Photobook Award, Paris, 2016


2017 Abigail Cohen Fellowship (Magnum Foundation/ChinaFile), winner;
2017 6th Hou Dengke Documentary Photograph Award, winner;
2015 Shiseido Photography Award, winner.
2017 Author Book Award Arles, shortlisted;
2016 New Talent Award, shortlisted;
2016 Aperture First Photobook Award, shortlisted;
2015 Three Shadows Photography Award, shortlisted.


A Time to Gather Stones Together was funded by With For About of Heart of Glass;
Strange Terrains was funded by Guyu-Danfeng Foundation of Intangible Cultural
Heritage in 2016 and by Sina Photo Foundation in 2014;
The Documentary of a Village was funded by OFPiX Foundation in 2012.


The Naming of a River was published by Jiazazhi Press in 2016;
Time from Different Sources: Images from Ciman Village was published by Jiazazhi Press in 2017;
24 Mails from the Railway was published by Jiazazhi Press in 2020.


Pro Helvetia 2020 studio residency, Gleis 70 in Zurich (Switzerland), 2021
Meadows Bee Farm residency, Vermont (US), 2019
Gasworks curatorial residency, London (UK), 2019



“浮木沉石”,Tabula Rasa画廊,北京,2021

“愚人金”,OCAT 深圳馆,深圳,2019
“对一条河流的三次摹写”,1903 空间,昆明,2019





Air Waste Health Water Energy Soil,Gleis 70,Zurich,2021

“文献集:七个线索”, 泰康空间,北京,2020
“2019 中国当代艺术年鉴展”, 坪山美术馆,深圳,2020
Critical Zones,ZKM,Karlsruhe,2020
“自由联接”,OCAT 上海馆,上海,2020
“末路斜阳——‘ 声名狼藉者’ 及其不可解的存在方式”,上海当代艺术博物馆,上海,2019
Stream Chapter 5,佛蒙特,2019
“How Now • 生活应用”,昊美术馆,上海,2019
“在克诺索斯的迷宫中”,2018 连州国际摄影年展,连州,2018
“ ‘工作’—— 来自5 位艺术家的实践”,TabulaRasa 画廊,北京,2018
DocumentingChina, Story of Change, Photoville 2018, 纽约,2018
“中国当代摄影40 年(1976-2018)”,OCAT 深圳馆,深圳,2018
“疆域—— 地缘的拓扑”,OCAT 研究中心,北京,2018
“疆域—— 地缘的拓扑”,OCAT 上海,2017
“复调4:中国艺术生态调查• 云贵川站”,南京艺术学院美术馆,南京,2017
Stream Chapter 4,佛蒙特,2017
“2016 新锐摄影奖入围展”,上海,2017
“光圈‘ 第一本书奖’ 入围展”,巴黎,2016


Abigail Cohen Fellowship (Magnum Foundation/ChinaFile),2017;
光圈基金会“ 第一本摄影书” 奖(入围),2016;


“堆聚石头有时” 得到Heart of Glass “With For About” 项目资助;
“莽”得到2016 年谷雨• 丹枫非遗基金资助以及2014 年新浪图片创作基金资助;
“小村档案”得到2012 年OFPiX 基金资助。


《来自铁路的二十四封邮件》(2020) 由假杂志出版计划支持出版。


瑞士文化基金会驻留,苏黎世 Gleis 70,2021
Meadows Bee Farm residency, Vermont (US), 2019
Gasworks curatorial residency, London (UK), 2019

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