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堆聚石头有时 A Time to Gather Stones Together (2020), Single-Channel Video (color, sound), 18:11


宏仁村是位于滇池东岸的一个小村。大约20 年前,随着城市的扩张,宏仁村开始逐渐失去它原来的土地:这些农田被征用,在其上建起道路、商业地产和大型市场。从2009 年开始,村落本身也成了拆迁的对象。签了字的房屋很快被推平,变成瓦砾一片,与那些仍然存留的建筑比邻,形成了缓慢变化着的景观与日常。如今,在曾经大约300 户村民中,仍然有近40 户困守在老村中。
2009 年,我作为一位人类学学生进入这个社区,经历了当时的激烈冲突以及村民的抵抗。但村落的废墟化与废墟的日常化并未停止。时隔数年,当我今天重返宏仁村,已经无法在几乎成为废墟的村落中辨识出曾经熟悉的方位与道路。于是,我借来一把梯子,试图从南向北穿越这片村庄的残余。

Hongren Village is a small village located on the east side of the Dianchi Lake. About twenty years ago, Hongren Village started losing its land gradually to the expansive urbanization: these farmlands were requisitioned, on which roads, commercial real estates, and large markets erected. From 2009, the village itself has become the subject of demolition. Houses with the letter of consent between villagers and the government are torn down immediately, neighboring architectures that still persist. Together, they have formed a kind of landscape and everyday life under slow transformation. Until now, almost forty among three hundred households are still stuck in the old village.
In 2009, I encountered this community as a student of anthropology and witnessed the fierce conflicts and resistance of local villagers, with the ruination of the village and the normalization of ruins never ceased. Several years have passed, and when I returned to Hongren Village this time, I could hardly recognize the positions and paths I used to know in this relics-in-becoming. Hence, I borrowed a ladder, attempting to walk across the remnant of the village from south to north.

本作品得到Heart of Glass "With For About"项目支持。

This work is supported by "With For About" of Heart of Glass.

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