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过河 The Crossing (2019), Single-Channel Video (color, sound), 10:35


我的父亲童年时住在南盘江边的小集镇。夏日炎热时,他和小伙伴们会跳进江里,在雨季的洪水中漂出很远,再沿着河岸走回。一代过去,江水依然在雨季泛滥,而曾经的日常已变成今天的冒险。2019 年7 月22 日,我扛着浮木,重新踏入父辈曾嬉游的急流中。

My father lived in a small town near the Nanpan River during his childhood. In the hot days of summer, he and his friends used to jump into the river, getting drifted away in the torrent, and then walk back along the river bank. A generation has passed, the river still floods in the rainy season, and the daily routine of my father has become an adventure of mine today. On July 22, 2019, I carried a wood log and threw myself into the rapids in which my father once has drifted.

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