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2018 年,我开始重新审视自己的创作和感受,并开始了一条新的作品线。或许,它们也并不算是一个“系列”,而只是某些有着类似起点,而却散播在不同落点上的作品组合。与曾经关注话语和知识谱系的作品不同,这条新作品线中的作品不再试图以抽离的方式去抽丝剥茧地揭示繁芜现实背后潜藏的话语和逻辑,或是这些知识的发生学问题,或是与这些知识一体两面的感性。在这里,我更加关注的是自己与自己所处于的具体的地点之间的连接。我将身体置于某种不可控的环境中,去迫出它在某种极限处境下的反应,它一方面指向那个让身体变得渺小而微的世界,另一方面则指向我与这些地点曾经的连接:事件,经验,记忆,甚至是某种挥之不去的执念。这些连接由此成为了作品的动因,而身体则成为了其间的媒介:过去与当下之间的,不同的行动者之间的,外部世界与感受之间的。

In 2018, I began to re-examine my methods and feelings and started a new series of work. Perhaps it is a combination of works that have similar perspectives but spread in different situations, rather than a "series". Unlike my previous works that focused on discourse or genealogy of knowledge, the new series no longer attempt to reveal the hidden discourse or logic under the turbulent reality, the genesis of such knowledge, or the sensibility behind it. Here, I am more concerned with the connection between myself and the specific space where I am in. I put my body in certain extreme and uncontrollable situations thus forced it to react. It is connected to the world that makes the body insignificant, and it is also connected to me, to the places I matter, to the events, to the experiences, to the memories, and to some kind of lingering obsession. These connections thus become the motivation of the works, and the body becomes the medium between: between the past and the present, between the different actors, between the external world and the inner experience of mine.

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