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叠层与漂砾 Stratums and Erratics Part1 (2023), Single-Channel Video (color, sound), 33'36"



Cheng Xinhao tries to kick a stone down the Burma Road to Burma. Along the way, he crosses the stratums of roads and histories: the no.320 National Road overlays the Burma Road, the Burma Road overlays the post roads of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the post roads overlay the earlier Western Yunnan Horse Road and the Bonan Mountain Road... Furthermore, parallel to these is a section of the Chengdu-Kunming Railway, the Hangzhou-Ruili Highway, and the never-finished Burma-Yunnan Railway. The artist and his stones move laterally like erratics, in a constant state of wear and tear, appearing in fortuitous encounters.  A quarter of the way through this trip was temporarily interrupted by the artist's torn Achilles tendon. Shown here is the finished walk between Kunming and Nanhua.

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